In Retrospect: Cthulhu_Complex

Hey, everyone. Expy here.
According to the memory on my Facebook page, tomorrow is the one year anniversary of my mixtape “Cthulhu_Complex”. This is the project that really proved i have something to say. I feel like i finally opened up on this project, even though i had done sadder tracks in the past, it was always pretty vague in nature. Even songs like “Medicine” (one of my more praised tracks) were riddled with metaphors and never really let you experience exactly what i’m talking about.
Alright, to refrain from rambling too much, i’m going to take this track by track and give some explanation as to what i was thinking with their individual creations.

001 – In an old project under my original moniker, Critikal, i riddled an album with loads of Drive-In theater samples. This came to me after going to a drive-in theater myself and basically just experiencing movies in a completely different way. I wanted to bring what i was feeling to music. My best way of honoring that was to put those samples in the album. It was a little less then a year after i made that project, when i started working on Cthulhu Complex. That was always one of my favorite albums cause i managed to capture that feeling i was talking about. I recalled the idea and used it for this project, somehow adding a gritty layer to the unstable feeling of the tape.

Complex – This track didn’t come from a sad place at all, or even an angry place to be perfectly honest. The best way i can describe writing this was like going to confession at a church. It was just me laying out these terrible things and coming to grips that i’m not that comfortable in my skin. The song was called “Complex” to mirror the “God Complex” theme of the album. Basically, coming to grips with my ego.

Amy Schumer – I wrote this song in about 15 minutes at my computer after finding the “Ramen” beat by Filthy Frank. My mom was making sloppy joe’s in the other room and i was writing all this foul shit in another. This was basically just me goofing around. Inhansed came into the track at a later date when i showed him the song and told him he should do a verse. When he admitted he wasn’t in the right mood to write punchlines and things for the song, i told him to do whatever he wanted with it. He delivered.

Scissor Hands – This song came from a place of anger more then sadness. Admitting that i didn’t really like my friends anymore was hard but i was so frustrated by this point, i didn’t care if they heard. The song basically covers what the hook says itself, “when you eat shit, you start to like the taste of it.” I’ve been an introvert for so long i’m starting to not notice it anymore. This song was touching on that subject.

Cowboy – This, being my favorite track from the album, i wrote at Inhansed’s house when i traveled to Indiana to hype him for his show opening for Hed P.E. His yells in the background are genuine, as he was right there when i recorded it. The punchlines are still pretty funny today, and since it was recorded at Inhansed’s house, it holds a special place in my discography.

002 – This is another Drive-In sample, foreshadowing the monstrous tracks coming up, like Catfish and Cthulhu. The idea was, all the tracks up until “002” is it’s own separate movie, “002” acting as a commercial for the next screening. From here on, it’s the next ‘film’.

Catfish – I honestly couldn’t tell you why i made this song. I thought it’d be interesting to write from the point of view of a calm intelligent serial killer. I later added onto his story, dubbing him “The Catfish Killer”, even though those tracks aren’t available anymore. Definitely my most sadistic track I’ve done, especially for the whole underwear collection undertones.

Scary Movies – I basically explain on this track, that I’m becoming like my father. And because of that i don’t want to have children, so i don’t do what he did to me. Most of the song is me realizing i do a lot of the things he did, including watching horror movies. I have very vivid memories of being at his house when i was young with Jeepers Creepers 2 on the TV. It scared the shit out of me.

Cthulhu – Arguably my most monstrous track I’ve done to date. Basically encapsulating the character i play in my music. In the stories, even looking at Cthulhu drives the viewer completely insane. To me, that perfectly describes who i play when i write my tracks, usually covering the sketch pad in punchlines describing things I’ve done that only a god could do. Plus, a pretty sweet chop top sample.

Pluviophile – This song came to mind after i was fucked up, laying in bed staring at my ceiling, and a memory hit me. The memory was me sitting in some bleachers with a blanket wrapped around me, next to my grandma who had since passed away. We were eating some pizza she bought and watching a movie that Relay for Life was screening. For some reason, it hit me in such a vivid fashion, i had to write about it. The next morning i made this song. The song basically describes how I’ve become numb to mental pain. I rarely feel an emotion unless it’s happiness, boredom or anger. I added a backtrack of running rain to add some atmosphere to the track, which proved to be effective. Near the end of the track, my voice and the song with me begins to glitch and spasm, representing a complete emotional breakdown and a ‘glitch in the system’.

003 – Our movie’s over, thanks for coming out.

So, that’s Cthulhu_Complex. The fact that i’m still getting praise about this project is pretty awesome and greatly appreciated. I’m working on a new tape right now that i believe is in someways, a spiritual successor to this project.

Download “Cthulhu_Complex” for free here:



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