homesick final art“I’ve been homesick tryna find a way back, my heart ain’t in the place that I stay at”

  After a nearly three month hiatus due to life getting in the way, Inhansed has finally returned with his first self produced track, “Homesick”

Albeit short, “Homesick” shows Inhansed in a very vulnerable and at times confrontational state. The two minute track is bar after bar with no breaks in between. “Homesick” covers the topic of moving, and the many setbacks and life altering issues it has made for him. By the end of the track, Inhansed is confident and driven to overcome each obstacle head on.
With the bombastic instrumental and in-your-face delivery Inhansed utilizes on this song, it is sure to be a standout track in his discography.

Stream the song on YouTube here!:


or download the track for FREE here!:


Spotify and Apple Music streaming for this track will be available soon!

Thank you all for the support!


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