The cover and track list artwork for “Homesick”

  After a little over a year of work, “Homesick” has finally released. Originally announced as a new album, “Homesick” is a compilation of every solo track Inhansed has dropped this year, plus two tracks you probably haven’t heard yet!

The formerly unreleased “Hype Man” shows a much angrier and lethal side of Inhansed. Over a bombastic 90s style boom-bap instrumental, Inhansed drops brutal diss bars aimed at a former peer. Fellow rapper Instano went as far as to call it “Slaughter.” The bonus track “Reflections” is a feature that was done with close collaborator and friend, Asylum 213. This song has the classic Inhansed style, with a more refined and grand feel. No matter what side of Inhansed you like the most, there is a track here for you!

The project is 7 tracks long, and an essential listen if you enjoy any song by Inhansed. Although not a successor to 2016’s “BETA.”, “Homesick” not only shows personal growth, but artistic growth in song structure and song writing from Inhansed.

Download/ stream “Homesick” for FREE here!


Thanks for the support!



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