Foul Mouth Music was formed by Nick XL and Inhansed in December of 2014, with the goal to bring people together for collaborations and business work. Their initial plan was to sign a slew of artists and form a super group of musicians that would work together and push the movement further. The first big move for FM was a rap contest they hosted on YouTube, which got various entries, but overall, brought little success to the Foul Mouth brand.

Soon thereafter, Inhansed and Nick drifted away from the idea of making Foul Mouth a huge group, and decided to make it a more exclusive and personalized record label. Currently, Foul Mouth is only home to the artists Inhansed and Nick XL. However, they are always actively looking for new talent to sign and bring into the Foul Mouth crew.

Operated out of Michigan and Florida, Foul Mouth is used as a “home base” for Nick XL and Inhansed. Foul Mouth is not only a platform to release music on, but is  a movement they both believe in, and nearly live by.

And we’re just getting started…

We are Foul Mouth.


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