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Over the weekend, Expy released his latest track “By Myself” a trap ‘anthem’ that celebrates his independence. Check it out below:

you can also download the song for free here:




homesick final art“I’ve been homesick tryna find a way back, my heart ain’t in the place that I stay at”

  After a nearly three month hiatus due to life getting in the way, Inhansed has finally returned with his first self produced track, “Homesick”

Albeit short, “Homesick” shows Inhansed in a very vulnerable and at times confrontational state. The two minute track is bar after bar with no breaks in between. “Homesick” covers the topic of moving, and the many setbacks and life altering issues it has made for him. By the end of the track, Inhansed is confident and driven to overcome each obstacle head on.
With the bombastic instrumental and in-your-face delivery Inhansed utilizes on this song, it is sure to be a standout track in his discography.

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Expy drops dark single: “Scholomance”


Expy has officially returned with a new single from his upcoming mixtape. The track, entitled “Scholomance”, covers numerous topics, mainly calling out multiple injustices done to Expy. With a somber-sounding piano, and hard hitting percussion, the beat alone gets across his message. Accompanied by visuals from Estonian short film “‘Põrgu”, the track is not for the light-hearted.

Check out the video HERE:

or Download it free HERE:

Inhansed releases music video, “Open Letter”


This afternoon, Inhansed released the music video for his new track, “Open Letter.”

The song covers a variety of topics, including his hardships with his father, the pressure he feels from music, and his recent departure from his hometown of Indiana to move to Florida.

The track was produced by Graffik, and mixed by Dylan Lawson of Asylum.
The video was shot by Brian Cain, and directed/edited by Inhansed himself.

Watch “OPEN LETTER” here:

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So when everyone is gone and I’m here all alone.. I wonder if my new house will feel like home.
– Inhansed on “Anymore

  Recently, Inhansed has gone through many life changes, a huge one being that he has moved away from his hometown for the first time in 18 years. As revealed through his facebook page, Inhansed says the song came to fruition after “a stressful, depressing, exciting, and confusing few weeks”. The song sounds pretty cheery, with a uplifting beat and distorted sampled chorus, but has very obvious personal undertones ranging from being self critical to feelings of confusion.
At this time it is undecided if the single will be on a project or not.

Listen to the new Inhansed single below!

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Expy announces #SOTM release date, launches “Changing The Game” campaign

Expy revealed the release date for his new mixtape “Son of The Matrix”, due to release September 25th 2016.

He also announced a ‘campaign’ he calls “The Changing The Game Campaign” where he inserts himself into many famous hip-hop album covers, changing them to his likeness. You can expect a new cover being released every day on his Facebook page ( before the release of Son of The Matrix.

Watch the humorous announcement video above!



Foul Mouth has accomplished a lot in the past few months, here’s some highlights:

Expy released a collaboration with Inhansed, remixing YouTube personality Filthy Frank’s “Dumplings”, which you can check out here:

Inhansed was shouted out in an article on by Dylan Lawson (mix/guitar work on BETA). Check it out here:
(Inhansed gets mentioned late into the article)

Expy released a new track called “I’m X”,  as well as simultaneously announcing the name of his next mixtape, entitled “Son of The Matrix” due to release late 2016. Check out the song here:

And finally, both Inhansed & Expy have released annotated lyric  of their own commercial projects (BETA & Holiday) on This was done to give listeners a deeper look into the meaning behind the content on the projects. Check those out here:
(currently no article for the track “No Gimmicks”)

As you can see, we’ve been working hard to give you the best content possible and we have no plans of stopping anytime soon. More to come.