Inhansed releases album “Absolute Self”




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And The Lights Stay On! – Foul Mouth Saved by Brian Craig Cain III


Today a brave samaritan stepped up to the plate, and saved the Foul Mouth website. Brian Craig Cain III, known most notably for his camera and direction work in Inhansed’s “Open Letter” music video, invested $20 into the FM brand and renewed our website for a year!

Last year, we suffered the loss of our “.com” domain name, a loss we still grieve to this day. Brain Cain selflessly offered to help, so we didn’t lose the illustrious “.net” domain. A God amongst men, Brian Cain is. Thank the lord.


The cover and track list artwork for “Homesick”

  After a little over a year of work, “Homesick” has finally released. Originally announced as a new album, “Homesick” is a compilation of every solo track Inhansed has dropped this year, plus two tracks you probably haven’t heard yet!

The formerly unreleased “Hype Man” shows a much angrier and lethal side of Inhansed. Over a bombastic 90s style boom-bap instrumental, Inhansed drops brutal diss bars aimed at a former peer. Fellow rapper Instano went as far as to call it “Slaughter.” The bonus track “Reflections” is a feature that was done with close collaborator and friend, Asylum 213. This song has the classic Inhansed style, with a more refined and grand feel. No matter what side of Inhansed you like the most, there is a track here for you!

The project is 7 tracks long, and an essential listen if you enjoy any song by Inhansed. Although not a successor to 2016’s “BETA.”, “Homesick” not only shows personal growth, but artistic growth in song structure and song writing from Inhansed.

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homesick final art“I’ve been homesick tryna find a way back, my heart ain’t in the place that I stay at”

  After a nearly three month hiatus due to life getting in the way, Inhansed has finally returned with his first self produced track, “Homesick”

Albeit short, “Homesick” shows Inhansed in a very vulnerable and at times confrontational state. The two minute track is bar after bar with no breaks in between. “Homesick” covers the topic of moving, and the many setbacks and life altering issues it has made for him. By the end of the track, Inhansed is confident and driven to overcome each obstacle head on.
With the bombastic instrumental and in-your-face delivery Inhansed utilizes on this song, it is sure to be a standout track in his discography.

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Expy drops dark single: “Scholomance”


Expy has officially returned with a new single from his upcoming mixtape. The track, entitled “Scholomance”, covers numerous topics, mainly calling out multiple injustices done to Expy. With a somber-sounding piano, and hard hitting percussion, the beat alone gets across his message. Accompanied by visuals from Estonian short film “‘Põrgu”, the track is not for the light-hearted.

Check out the video HERE:

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Inhansed releases music video, “Open Letter”


This afternoon, Inhansed released the music video for his new track, “Open Letter.”

The song covers a variety of topics, including his hardships with his father, the pressure he feels from music, and his recent departure from his hometown of Indiana to move to Florida.

The track was produced by Graffik, and mixed by Dylan Lawson of Asylum.
The video was shot by Brian Cain, and directed/edited by Inhansed himself.

Watch “OPEN LETTER” here:

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iTunes – https://goo.gl/cr5Vkv
Spotify – https://goo.gl/WyAz4v