Expy releases Cage remix “Infected”

On Saturday, Expy released a remix of Cage track “Agent Orange”, originally released on Movies for the Blind (2002).

Listen to it here:

or Download it free:

Expy plans on releasing a new project in the near future.


Expy’s “HOLIDAY” available on iTunes. Coming to Spotify and more soon!


It was originally thought that Expy’s “Holiday” was an album that was impossible to release to digital music distributors. With some reworking and touch-ups, Expy beat the odds and has made the LP available to the world. This version of the album includes alternate openings and endings to select tracks. Sadly it does not include the song “Side Effects of Rapid Adolescence” like the physical copy and website version due to copyright issues.
Currently it is available on iTunes and Google Play right now. FM is hoping it will be debuting on other platforms like Spotify, Tidal and more in the near future!


Expy releases LP “Holiday”


Last night at midnight, Expy released his new album “Holiday”.
The LP comes with 8 original tracks, produced by Expy himself under the moniker Julian Holiday. The album title derives from a certain lifestyle Expy lives, one without responsibility. The album was at one point planned to be a double album, consisting of two 4-track EPs, both called “Permanent Holiday Vol. 1 &2”.  Every piece of art to do with the album was hand-crafted by Expy and molded into his vision. The tones in these pieces are very dark and colorless, mirroring the mood and content of the album. Expy spills all as he talks about struggles with depression, panic attacks, identity, and even substance abuse. “Holiday” is by far Expy’s most personal piece of music to date and promises to deliver as an insightful and skillful milestone for Expy and Foul Mouth Music.


Purchase a digital copy of the album, which comes with 5 bonus tracks
Purchase a physical copy:


Expy releases prelude to Holiday called “23, Fuck It”

Cover 1
Expy just dropped a surprise release called “23, Fuck It” as an apology for his album “Holiday” getting pushed back. The album cover was made by fellow FM artist Inhansed.

It has 2 brand new previously unreleased tracks.
“Bad Apple” and “Untouchable”.

You can listen to the mixtape here:

“Holiday” is currently set to release mid to late February.

Welcome To The New & Improved FoulMouthMusic.com!



We’ve updated the FM website to a brand new layout. We’ve finished our “About” bio as well as added brand new pages for our artists “Expy” & “Inhansed”. We’ve also included new contact information and added our stores to the main header bar.
You can also find pictures of our roster on the right side of our main page. Once clicked you will be taken to a fleshed out “About” page about the artist you clicked on as well as some music.

We hope you all like the new website as much as we do!




Hope you all had a good year!

The holidays were kind to us and we hope they were to you as well.

Here’s a recap of the year for Foul Mouth as a whole:
Expy & Inhansed opened for Hed P.E. in Louisville, Kentucky.
Inhansed opened for Slim Jesus at a show that made multiple articles on Noisy, & Complex.
Expy released multiple mixtapes as well as his first commercial EP “Chrome”.
Inhansed continues to work hard on his forthcoming album “BETA”.

2016 can promise this:
We plan to focus on Foul Mouth as a brand and getting on a whole new platform as a label.
Expy has finished production on his new commercial release “Holiday”. It is planned to be released in late January.
Inhansed plans to release his album “BETA” in early 2016.


We really hope you’re all as excited as we are for the new year.

Happy Holidays from FOUL MOUTH.